When we are in our hometown (Gothenburg) at the same time and the weather is nice, this is always where we end up to catch up if we don't feel for taking a ferry out in the archipelago.

Gunnebo House and Gardens was built during late 1700 th by a man who wanted a nice summerhouse. This place has an interesting architecture and a history about trade from the past, something that gothenburg was famous for back in the days. Gunnebo is located just outside Gothenburg, so if you have half a day over and want to do a mini escape from the city then this is a perfect adventure for you.

But above all you want to visit this place because you want to enjoy the nature and the beautiful gardens around the house. There are really nice trails to enjoy. We Swedes love to have a fika now and then. Fika is one of the best words in the Swedish vocabulary and means "meeting up for a coffee and something sweet". There is a café in the gardens where you can by organic and locally produced food. Don't forget to try their cinnamon bun and relax in the sun.  

If you do not have access to a car it is easy peasy to take the local bus here.