Name: Anna and I'm, together with Jenny, co-founder of hello Getaway.
Must know facts about me: Outdoor and croissant lover. My one year goal is to do a proper hand stand. If I had to choose one kind of course to eat rest of my life, I would live out of appetizers. 

10 Questions about travel!

Why do you like to travel? 
My joy of life is really getting boost when exploring new things.  New things can for me be trying a new adrenaline heavy activity, exploring a new taste experience or seeing a new part of the world or of my neighborhood. All this is traveling for me.

What is your hometown and tell us something about it?
I´m born and raised in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden where it yearly rains 50% more than in Stockholm, where i live nowadays. If living in Gothenburg, it´s out in the most beautiful archipelago in the world you should spend your spare time.

If you want some travel inspiration where do you find it?
I´m constantly looking for new personal travel blogs. I love to explore places as being a local. When I know where to travel I usually search for hashtags and places at Instagram to find fun spots and interesting people. When in a new place I usually ask bartenders or people working at coffee shops for their best tips.
Fave mags: Kinfolk, The Collective Quarterly and I´m for the moment curious in Sidetracked and Ambrosia
Fave blogs: Local Wanderer, The Telegraph 36-hours-in, field and forest, Kinfolk
Fave Instagram accounts: localwanderer, littlebrownfox, dansmoe

What kind of vacation do you prefer? 
I both love love love city weekends when exploring the real deal with different cities around the world by strolling around in neighborhoods spending most of the time eating and drinking and taking photos. But I also love very active vacations as skiing, sailing, hiking or climbing focused ones. I wouldn't for anything in the world exchange the yearly weeks on skis for a warm sunny beach trip. The best of two worlds is of course a combo of both. 

What are your best travel gadgets?
My camera, my shades, a buddy and a printed map which I have prepared in advance with marking spots that I want to explore.

Which destination is on top of your bucket list on where to travel next?
Svalbard and Tromsö. I am focused and curious on the wilderness at the moment. I'm also trying to fit a trip to London in the schedule, I wanna go and visit all rad gin distilleries around.

Do you have any up coming trips that you want to share? 
I´m super excited for a trip to Galapagos with my mom and my sister, leaving this Sunday. A perfect trip in late, dark November. I'm most excited about meeting my fav animal - penguins!

Do you think about sustainability when you travel?
Of course I do, but still hard to say that you do when spending several hours in air every year. When traveling within Sweden I at least try to stick to traveling by train. And I totally agree with Jenny about no need of clean towels every day when staying in hotels. 
A tip is also to every time visiting a beach, bring 3 pieces of litter other people left behind with you. You will turn out picking up garbage everywhere. 

What souvenirs do you tend to bring home?
Food like coffee or things just in beautiful packaging, local magazines, business cards from restaurants and shops

Tell us a travel memory!
When spending 3 month in Central America a couple of years ago I hiked the volcano Payaca. This is still one of my clearest and coolest travel memories. We had flowing lava not even one meter away from us and we where barbecuing marshmallows in the heat from it.  The view over other volcanic mountains surrounding us was just stunning.