Name: Jenny and I'm, together with Anna, founder of hello Getaway.
Must know facts about me: Without Coffee I am nothing, I collect notebooks and write lists on pretty much everything. My favorite snack is popcorn and on my wish list you will find things like a cat named Glenn.

10 Questions about travel!

Why do you like to travel?
To explore new things and new places are the best things I know. I always carry a big notebook with me, filled with ideas and things to do. Also places to eat, places to go and places to be. To travel gives you perspective and you learn so much about other cultures. You also learn that unexpected things happen when you travel. Everything does not turn out as you planned and that it is mostly fine and exciting. When you think about it, it is kinda boring to know exactly what happens in your life all the time.

Now it sounds like I am a fearless explorer but I am not. I am this home sick person who like to know exactly what happens next and just because of that, I travel as much as I can. 

What is your hometown and tell us something about it?
I am from Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. Gothenburg have the best seafood, especially shrimps. If you ever go there, do not leave without having a "räckmacka" (open faced shrimp sandwich). 

If you want some travel inspiration where do you find it?
Mostly from magazines, blogs and Instagram.

Fave mags: The Collective Quarterly, Cereal and Deriva paper.
Fave blogs: 12 hrs, Local Wanderer and On the Grid.
Fave Instagram accounts: This wild idea, I have this thing with floors and Stilsamt

What kind of vacation do you prefer? 
l Iike to travel to places where you can choose a bit of everything. Of course I enjoy spending a day or two at the beach but then, what if I get bored? I like a good mix of relaxing and being active.

What are your best travel gadgets ?
My camera and a paper map so I can find my way home again. I prefer the printed ones because it feels good to bring one with you, it is a bit old-fashioned but I mean what if your phone dies, it would be a disaster for my mind.

Which destination is on top of your bucket list on where to travel next?
I would love to go to Mexico, partly because i lovelovelove mexican food. 

I also want to go to the airport one day and just say: Hey, where does the next flight goes? and then just hop on. I always do a lot of research before I go somewhere but it can also be exiting not have a clue about anything really, more figure things out during your stay.

Do you have any up coming trips that you want to share? 
Me and a little group of friends are hopefully going to do a road trip across USA next summer or the year after, during 4 weeks and it is going to be sooooo much fun. 

Do you think about sustainability when you travel?
I try to go with public transport as much as I can and you actually don't need a new towel everyday at the hotel.

What souvenirs do you tend to bring home?
I like to buy cute illustrations and I tend to come home with things in a mini format, like a mini mini Eifel tower. I don't know why but I just love mini things. I am also a sucker for notebooks, it is like a disease.

Tell us a travel memory!
I love competitions. Now and then I apply for photo contests, just for fun. One time, many years ago I became a finalist in a Canon contest with one of my favorite pictures and went on a trip to the final in Stockholm. A few days later my dad called me, he had been flying to Norway and asked me if my boyfriend knew that he was in every single SAS magazine on every single plane. No he didn't, ooops!