Sometimes you need to escape from reality for a little bit. Go away somewhere, perhaps to a new exiting country you newer been in before. Hit the road to a town around the coast and breath som fresh air. But sometimes it is enough to just get away for a few hours in the sofa!

Here are a bunch of movies that takes you away on a mini adventure!

Happy travels a la movie style!!!



1. The secret life of Walter Mitty

2. Into the Wild

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel

4. Telma and Louise

5. Wild

6. Moonrise Kingdom

7. Amelie from Montmartre

8. Midnight in Paris

9. The talented Mr Ripley

10. Lost in translation

If you wanna piff up your regular popcorn bowl when watching le movies we have a little tips for that as well. How about this pop printable snack box from design is yay!

You will find the boxes in the link below!

Photo credit: and the other pictures are from Pinterest.