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A few weeks ago we went to northern Norway. We took a flight up to Tromsö and drove to Lofoten via the magical summer paradise Sommaröya, Senja and Andöya. Nothern Norway has a lot to offer, almost too much. I would give the advise to focus on one certain activity (we didnt ;)). Just to drive around is like a dream, the mountains, the water, the colors, the midnight sun, the knowledge that it is actually the atlantic horizon you see lay totally flat is just breathtaking. We tried to squeeze climbing, mountaineering, surfing, hiking, camping, eating, sightseeing all in the trip. That was a bit too much.

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Norway sommaröya Senja lofoten roadtrip
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lofoten henningsvear road trip hello getaway
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Svolværgeita climbing lofoten
henningsvear gandalf gollum climbing klättring lofoten
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henningsvear lofoten
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Unstad Lofoten arctic surfing norway
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Unstad trailrun lofoten norway
Unstad lofoten norge norway
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Kalle lofoten climbing klättring
Kalle lofoten climbing
Kalle lofoten climbing klättring
Kalle lofoten climbing klättring
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